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Fring is a competent smartphone instant messaging client for Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, Google Talk, SIP, Twitter, AIM and Yahoo. Fring is available for S60, Windows Mobile and UIQ. Now they’ve added a file transfer feature that currently works between Fring-Fring and Fring-MSN (some differences between the three platforms).


Read Fring blog post

Download Fring here


CalSyncS60 is a new application that provides two-way synchronization between S60 phones and Google Calendar. CalSyncS60 is available for Symbian S60 3rd edition phones.

Read and download: CalSyncS60 Beta

[Via NokNok]

Amir at the Mobile Space blog argues that the recently introduced Nokia N78 will be ideal for avid music-listeners thanks to a number of music-centric features: 

  1. High battery capacity (1200 mAh) gives 24 hours of listening in offline mode
  2. Small dimensions and relatively light – 113×49×15.1 mm, just above 100 grams 
  3. FM transmitter integrated
  4. NaviWheel makes scrolling easy 

It certainly looks promising; now we’ll just have to wait for the release in the second quarter and see.  



Some quick opinions from NokNok on Nokia’s new flagship model.

Launch: Q3 2008 in Europe.

Demo of the Nokia N78 camera, GPS and maps.

Have a look at some hands-on impressions of the N78 at The Symbian Blog and Nokia Nseries blog. They like the phone and say that the keypad isn’t as uncomfortable as it may look.


Today Nokia announced an Nseries midrange but still very capable smartphone, the N78. 3.5G, A2DP wireless stereo, WiFi, 3.5mm connector, 3.2 megapixel auto focus camera and aGPS are welcome features of a moderately sized smartphone (113mm x 49mm x 15.1mm, just a tad smaller than the N82). But what’s up with the keypad? I hope the keys are not as painful to use as they look like. It’s a shame design is accentuated at the expense of ergonomics, and especially the trend of messing up the keypads is hard to understand. The display is the same 2.4″ size as N82. Some unusual features are the 24-hour music playback (in offline mode), Navi wheel and integrated FM transmitter.

Market launch in Q2 this year is good news!


Comes in white, brown or aqua.

Nokia N78

Nokia N96

After a few weeks of speculation, today Nokia announced the N96. You’d be hard pressed to find any functions left out in this package. Hits the market in the third quarter for €550. Specifications after the break. Read the rest of this entry »

The GTD system relies on placing next actions in categories so you can always quickly find out what’s next to do. Unfortunately category synchronization works only on Windows Mobile and Palm. Jaganath at Digital Rover works around this by adding the category in front of every single task:

“To work around the problem of category syncing from Outlook, I use a simple trick. […] In the Subject line, I first put the category and then type the full task. So typically my subject line looks like:
@Home Water the Plants”

I’ve been doing this too, on UIQ. It’s a bit tedious, but it works OK. What you won’t get this way are expandable and collapsable categories, so it’s much harder to navigate than on for example WM with Papyrus.

One of the comments refers to MobileGTD for S60. If you don’t need any synchronization it seems to be a user-friendly application for GTD worth trying out.



First shake unlocks phone and opens the received SMS. Second shake locks the phone again. Convenient.

Symbian Freak: ShakeSMS

flipsilent101.jpg has developed an S60 program called FlipSilent, that makes use of the accelerometer in Nokia N95, N93 and N82 to silence calls. Requires signing; here’s a tutorial.

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