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The HP Compaq 2133 UMPC or ultraportable that was leaked yesterday (by mistake or for publicity) is said to launch in April for more than €430 ($630).

“The UMPC features the high-end Intel 45nm Penryn processor, Windows XP operating system and an 8.9-inch panel, and will be targeting the second notebook market for business users. The device will cost more than NT$20,000 (US$630) and will be considered a high-end model, added the paper.”

[Commercial Times via Engadget]

Update: There are also rumors of a VIA-based HP 2133 version priced at $499 (€340).


Some information and pictures of a new ultraportable laptop from HP Compaq have been leaked. Actually they call it an UMPC, but I’d call it an ultraportable laptop because it looks like an ordinary laptop with a small screen, much like the Asus Eee PC but a bit larger. It’s got an 8.9-inch 1366 x 766 (WXGA) display, a 95 % of full-size keyboard, starting at 1.13 kg and it will run Vista or Linux.


Update: Known specifications compared to the Asus Eee PC


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