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Call recording can be very valuable for example when you haven’t been able to take notes of something that’s been said in a phone call, when you want to go back and check some kind of information or if you want to listen to a deleted voice mail again. Most smartphones don’t have any option for call recording for some reason, so this functionality has to be added by third-party applications.

I’ve been testing Vito AudioNotes on WM6 (Windows Mobile Standard, Smartphone, non-touchscreen) for a while, and I’m very pleased with this solution. With this program it’s possible to both make on demand recordings and to automatically record every phone call that’s made or received. It’s got a simple user interface and it’s very easy to use; the program window shows a list of all your recordings and clicking on them brings up a menu with a few choices like Play, Rename, Send, Delete etc.

Vito AudioNotes

The right soft button brings up a settings menu with options for automatical call recording, MP3/WAV format and quality and recording destination (main memory or storage card). When you are recording you can set mic gain and level for voice activated recording, to get get rid of silent parts.

I’ve found that the MP3 medium quality setting gives a good quality/size ratio for me, at around 500 Kb per minute of recorded calls. It has also worked well when recording hour-long interviews. To be able to record phone calls automatically the program must be running in the background at all times, using around 1 Mb of RAM. It installs a shortcut in the Startup folder. I’ve had the application installed to the storage card and set to save the recordings to the storage card, which has worked well, so it doesn’t have to take up internal storage memory. The auto recording is really convenient as you don’t have to do anything at all to get all your calls recorded, it’s just set and forget. The name of the contact you are talking to is even included in the audio file.

Be aware that not every phone model is able to record phone calls, so be sure to use a trial version to see if it works on your device. The device I’ve used is a HTC Tornado. There are also a few other programs that may be worth checking out, like PMRecorder and Resco Audio Recorder. More about Vito AudioNotes can be found on Vito’s product page.


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