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The Nokia N95 8GB and the N82 are very similar function-wise; you could almost say that the N82 is a N95 in a candybar form factor. There are however some obvious physical differences, eg. the flash, the microSD slot, the keyboard, multimedia keys and data ports. Read more about this at Symbian World.

flipsilent101.jpg has developed an S60 program called FlipSilent, that makes use of the accelerometer in Nokia N95, N93 and N82 to silence calls. Requires signing; here’s a tutorial.

The upcoming Nokia E71, with looks very similar to the existing E51. I really like this change because of the keypad that seems great on the E51. Nice having shortcut buttons for often used apps like mail and calendar. The black face with a metal frame gives it a clean and modest look.I’m hoping for an auto focus enabled 3.2 Mpix camera. If the E71 uses the same camera module as the E90 then this is true. With WLAN, 3G and GPS there won’t be much missing in this phone, except for maybe a 3.5mm headphone jack. Read the rest of this entry »

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