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The Nokia N95 8GB and the N82 are very similar function-wise; you could almost say that the N82 is a N95 in a candybar form factor. There are however some obvious physical differences, eg. the flash, the microSD slot, the keyboard, multimedia keys and data ports. Read more about this at Symbian World.



Steve Litchfield at All About Symbian has reviewed the Sony Ericsson W960, and he is unusually positive, this being a touchscreen device. My own experience with UIQ3 is a bit mixed, being a user of the SE P990i for more than a year. Both the hardware and software has gotten a lot better since then, but I think it’s a shame that they have to learn from so many devices before they begin getting it right. I also find it strange that smartphone manufacturers are launching phones with a lot of bugs or unfinished firmware. However, I think P1i and W960 does UIQ3 more justice than previous devices and I hope that more smartphone users and software developers now will start realising the potential of the platform.

“…you can buy the W960 knowing that it’s a big step forwards from its predecessor. It’s even a big step forwards from the P1i, in my opinion, if only because of the superb flush screen with easy corner access. Now, Sony Ericsson, get the software right and you may even tempt me away from my beloved Nokia N95.”

W960 review

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