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Dotsisx at Symbian-Guru has listed 10 things S60 needs to learn from WM and 10 things WM needs to learn from S60. There are many good points in both posts, although in some cases tied to a certain phone model. Jaganath has followed up with an own post on the subject. I’d like to emphasize a few of those things they’re mentioning that I think are particulary important for all OS developers to be inspired by:

There are a few things I’d like to add too:

  1. Both S60 and WM should implement html e-mail formatting in their native messaging applications. UIQ3 has quite a nice messaging app; intuitive, easy to use and does html. It’s slow on my phone, but that might be more of a hardware issue.
  2. The list check boxes in UIQ facilitates selecting multiple recipents of e-mails.
  3. Why don’t categories sync in S60 and UIQ? WM is the only smartphone OS I know of that does this, which means that this might be the only option for some people, especially for those following the GTD method or some other categorizing system. It seems like a feature that should be really easy to implement in the phones and the syncing software.
  4. MS Active Sync supports plug-ins, UIQ doesn’t. Without this support it’s not possible to sync smartphone data from/to third party apps, like PhatNotes.

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