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The GTD system relies on placing next actions in categories so you can always quickly find out what’s next to do. Unfortunately category synchronization works only on Windows Mobile and Palm. Jaganath at Digital Rover works around this by adding the category in front of every single task:

“To work around the problem of category syncing from Outlook, I use a simple trick. […] In the Subject line, I first put the category and then type the full task. So typically my subject line looks like:
@Home Water the Plants”

I’ve been doing this too, on UIQ. It’s a bit tedious, but it works OK. What you won’t get this way are expandable and collapsable categories, so it’s much harder to navigate than on for example WM with Papyrus.

One of the comments refers to MobileGTD for S60. If you don’t need any synchronization it seems to be a user-friendly application for GTD worth trying out.




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